How Can Romance At Workplace Lead to Sexual Harassment?

Having an affair with a colleague is capable of adding a dash of romance to the daily grind. However, this can also turn out to be lethal for your career. Different co-workers react in different manner. Studies have shown that in most of the cases, the respondents did not mind seeing the romance develop in between two unmarried colleagues. However, they are opposed to the idea of relationship in between married people. As a matter of fact, employment lawyers Toronto also object when there is a relationship in between a supervisor and their direct report.

Romance at workplace can cause the other person to feel sexually harassed. Employment lawyers are of the opinion that sexual harassment is a common occurrence at a workplace. This can be in the form of a physical or verbal conduct. People often find it difficult to deal with such situations.

If you are facing sexual harassment at a workplace then there are few things that you need to do. Take a look.

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Talk to the Person

When a person is trying is to romance but you feel sexually harassed, the first thing that you need to do is ask the person to stop doing it. However, if you find that the harasser is showing the same behavior then you should inform the harasser that you plan on filing a report against him/her. Some people get scared by this and they discontinue their behavior when you threaten to report them. In case the harasser fails to stop then you can some action says the employment lawyers Toronto.

Contact the HR Manager

The employment lawyers Toronto state that you have to inform the supervisor and the HR manager. Human resources will be able to guide you regarding the actions that you can take regarding the sexual harassment. The human resource manager will have expert knowledge regarding the sexual harassment and the discrimination. They should be willing to offer you an impartial advice.

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File a Lawsuit

You can take the help of employment lawyers Toronto and file a lawsuit. For this, you can ask for monetary damages. In case you have been fired by the employer to the incident then you can seek your job back. Make sure that you opt for legal representation from a lawyer who handles sexual harassment cases. The attorney will be able to negotiate with the employer to try and put an end to the harassment. As a matter of fact, he/she will be able to use the company internal complaint system, draft the agency charge, and respond to the investigator’s questions. Moreover, the attorney will also be able to help you vindicate the rights in the court.

Questions You Need to Ask Your Attorney

When to File a Sexual Harassment Case?

Employment lawyers Toronto states that you can file a sexual harassment case in these following cases

  • A conduct that a reasonable person would consider to be offensive can be reason to file a sexual harassment case.
  • You can also file a case if the conduct if pervasive and severe.
  • When the supervisor harasses the subordinate, the employer will be liable for the harassment. This is possible even if the employer is not aware of this.