The Real Me (me) – Divorce and Your Online Identity

Whether you are going through divorce or separation, you might be well aware that it is very challenging and stressful time. In fact, people who are going through divorce often grapple to find their real identity. When one enters into marriage, no one thinks that their marriage might end all of a sudden.

Getting divorce is very difficult if one doesn’t have any idea about divorce laws. Divorce lawyer Oakville states that even though divorce is an emotional time, one should be prepared to protect their online identity as well as other personal information. Protecting personal information is important as your ex-partner might have grudge against you and can misuse it to harm you. So in order to protect one’s identity online, one should take proper steps.

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Social Media Plays a Great Role in Divorce Proceedings

In the age of social media, one can easily keep a track on others activity, even before that person comes to know about it. Even before meeting any prospective person, a person can easily learn about their future partner.

According to divorce lawyer Oakville, there has been a huge increase in the divorce rates over the last five years. This is because of the evidences collected against other person from social networking opportunities. Divorce attorney states that the social media provides valuable information which is used during the divorce proceedings. The evidences help in making settlements very easy.

Social media is not only limited to texts, emails, call history or internet search history. Sometimes it can also include the social media sites. A lawyer tries to keep all the details intact so that it can be used as evidences. For instance, from some latest divorce cases, new kind of evidences that is presented in front of the court is Facebook posts or Instagram posts. Not only that, within the court documents which are submitted by lawyers, text message chains are submitted.

These kinds of evidence are used to show that the former partner is not able to fulfill their duties diligently. At the same time, divorce lawyer Oakville can use it to show other partner being highly abusive and doesn’t show respect to others partner. The access to emails or text chains in messaging apps becomes possible because the other partner might know the password of social media sites or email accounts. Hence, for a divorced couple it is extremely important to protect their online identity.

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As soon as one gets divorce from their former partner, one should try to change their password of the social media sites. It would prevent future hassles by your ex-partner during child custody or alimony case. Divorce lawyer Oakville points out important tips for protecting the online identity. They are:

  • Disconnect accounts that are associated with your former partner.
  • Remember that text message that you would be sending if gets into the hands of your ex-partner, it can be misused.

Divorce lawyer Oakville points out even if you feel tempted to post something about your former partner, you should not do that. If they know about it, the situation can get worse for you.