The Real Me (me) – Divorce and Your Online Identity

Whether you are going through divorce or separation, you might be well aware that it is very challenging and stressful time. In fact, people who are going through divorce often grapple to find their real identity. When one enters into marriage, no one thinks that their marriage might end all of a sudden.

Getting divorce is very difficult if one doesn’t have any idea about divorce laws. Divorce lawyer Oakville states that even though divorce is an emotional time, one should be prepared to protect their online identity as well as other personal information. Protecting personal information is important as your ex-partner might have grudge against you and can misuse it to harm you. So in order to protect one’s identity online, one should take proper steps.

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Social Media Plays a Great Role in Divorce Proceedings

In the age of social media, one can easily keep a track on others activity, even before that person comes to know about it. Even before meeting any prospective person, a person can easily learn about their future partner.

According to divorce lawyer Oakville, there has been a huge increase in the divorce rates over the last five years. This is because of the evidences collected against other person from social networking opportunities. Divorce attorney states that the social media provides valuable information which is used during the divorce proceedings. The evidences help in making settlements very easy.

Social media is not only limited to texts, emails, call history or internet search history. Sometimes it can also include the social media sites. A lawyer tries to keep all the details intact so that it can be used as evidences. For instance, from some latest divorce cases, new kind of evidences that is presented in front of the court is Facebook posts or Instagram posts. Not only that, within the court documents which are submitted by lawyers, text message chains are submitted.

These kinds of evidence are used to show that the former partner is not able to fulfill their duties diligently. At the same time, divorce lawyer Oakville can use it to show other partner being highly abusive and doesn’t show respect to others partner. The access to emails or text chains in messaging apps becomes possible because the other partner might know the password of social media sites or email accounts. Hence, for a divorced couple it is extremely important to protect their online identity.

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As soon as one gets divorce from their former partner, one should try to change their password of the social media sites. It would prevent future hassles by your ex-partner during child custody or alimony case. Divorce lawyer Oakville points out important tips for protecting the online identity. They are:

  • Disconnect accounts that are associated with your former partner.
  • Remember that text message that you would be sending if gets into the hands of your ex-partner, it can be misused.

Divorce lawyer Oakville points out even if you feel tempted to post something about your former partner, you should not do that. If they know about it, the situation can get worse for you.

Vital Business Immigration Information for Newcomers to Canada

Canada’s immigration policy is known to be far better than other countries. The immigration policy for business immigrants as well as other immigrants is not that strict as other countries. According to business immigration lawyer, Canada is one such country which is suitable for starting new business ventures. The reason to invest and start a business in Canada is because of minimal governmental regulation, better funding possibilities, and improved entrepreneurial culture.

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Wide Scope for Business Personalities

If anyone is planning to start their business in Canada then they are welcomed open heartedly. One thing which they need to be kept in mind is that they should have minimum funds with them. Moreover, they should be able to prove that their business would be able to support the Canadian economy.

Businesses could ensure that the local people of Canada would be able to get a job. Lastly, for the entrepreneurs, they don’t need to worry about paying high amount of tax.

Business Guide Which Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Business immigration lawyer points out that when an immigrant settles down in Canada and is planning of starting a new business in Canada, they need to keep in mind many important things. This blog will help newcomers to learn about some facts which should be kept in mind while starting a business in Toronto and along the GTA.

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Starting a Business

If you have planned to start your business in Canada as a newcomer, you need to keep in mind some important things. They are: 

  • Whether you are going to legally own the business and going to operate it?
  • The status of the skill and qualification of the person.
  • Whether the business activity is regulated? Or, whether it should require a license or certification?

Another thing which a business newcomer should keep in mind is their legal status in Canada. According to business immigration lawyer, in case of any doubts, one should consult the IRCC. The attorneys can guide clients and can inform them whether they can work legally in Canada.

Coming To Canada

Whether, one is planning to settle and start a business in Canada, they can select their required business class immigrants depending on their economic stability. In fact, there are two types of business immigrants. They are:

  • Startup Visa

Linking the immigrant entrepreneurs with the private sector organization can help immigrant businesses to get support for their business ideas. Once they get support from respected organization, it can help them to immigrate to Canada. One can also gain permanent residence.

  • Self-employed

Business immigration lawyer can start their business in Canada in case they have enough capital with them. However, in order to become eligible one should have eligibility and experience in a respective field.

When a newcomer is able to prove their business skills, it will help one to get easily recognized. Once recognized, it would be better if recruits local workers for carrying out the business successfully.

Business immigration lawyer mentions that any newcomer’s business will be assessed in order to know if the business plan would be helpful for Canadian economy. A successful business would be beneficial for all. For information on business immigration, read here!

Call a Criminal Lawyer Toronto to Save Jail Time

If you turn on the news channels, you will get to hear that around 2.2 million crimes are taking place around Canada. Although the type of crime that gets committed may vary but Criminal Code Canada states that any kind of criminal charge may result in huge penalty and jail time.

However, regardless of the crime that has been committed, the criminal justice system is very complex one. Hence, it would be better if an accused takes the help of an experienced criminal lawyer Toronto. This is because an experienced attorney will do their best to protect the interest of their clients or the accused.

To Hire A Lawyer or Not

Whenever a criminal charge is made against a person, the accused person may feel tempted to fight the case on their own. The cost of hiring an experienced criminal attorney is very huge and many people can’t afford to hire them. However, it can be very disastrous for them.

One may not have a good knowledge about the criminal law and may not be able to come up with valid points to prove their innocence. On the other hand, the prosecution will obviously try to prove the accused guilty, even if they haven’t committed the crime. Hence, an accused should try to take the help of a good criminal lawyer Toronto. Having worked on a wide range of criminal cases the attorney can easily fight any criminal charges.

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How A Lawyer Can Help A Criminal Charge Accused?

Whatever may be the case, the penalties for a crime can be very serious. For example, a DUI charge can lead to heavy fine, loss of driving license, and even jail time for second or third-time offenders.

For any serious offence, jail time is compulsory. However, staying behind the bars can be a frightening thing. It also carries a lot of social stigma. Hence, it would be better if an accused takes the help of criminal lawyer Toronto in order to avoid jail time.

Avoid Being Convicted

One important way through which a criminal lawyer can help an accused is by preventing them from being convicted from the charge. The expert lawyer can challenge the charges and evidences produced against their client. For example, the attorney can easily challenge the evidences obtained through chemical testing as it violates testing procedures.

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Argument against Jail Sentence

Criminal lawyer Toronto can avoid jail time for misdemeanor by proving that the crime of the client doesn’t prove a threat to the community. For this, a lawyer can easily prove that there was no victim got injured or the accused has got a past criminal record.

Plea Bargaining

Another option that is present in front of criminal attorneys to prevent jail time of their client is through plea bargain. The accused might be ready to pay penalty and go through any program for their betterment.

If you or your loved one is facing any kind of criminal charge, you should consult a criminal lawyer Toronto. They can provide best legal advice and ensure their client receives best possible outcome for the case.